Episode 8 – Jonathan Lopez, Ed.D


Jonathan Lopez, Ed.D – aka “Dr. J-Lo” joins me on this episode to cover the role of the Third Party Administrator from a different perspective than covered previously.  He views the role of the TPA as the “Adjudicator”, and explains what he means using a sweet “John Wick” analogy!

Jonathan has an interesting story, having gotten his undergrad degree in Kinesiology, then attending OCS with the Marine Corps, before going back to complete his Doctorate in Education Leadership.  Oh, and he also used to own a Crossfit Gym!

Not the typical path towards being an RVP of sales for a TPA…but that is the beauty of the insurance industry.  There is no correct path to get in, and once you are in, you can find what interests you to carve out your own path.

*Correction* – 78% of hospitalizations due to Covid were overweight/obese – not 94%.  The 94% statistic was in reference to the percentage of Covid deaths that had comorbidities”.

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